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Short Game Markers

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Dial in your scoring clubs before a round, or dig it out of the dirt in a practice session and take your practice area to the next level.  Not only are these markers efficient, but they look great, too. There are two types of Short Game Markers to choose from:

1. Traditional Driving Range The markers are targets creating "space within space" by making a dedicated wedge area where your practice area already exists.  Progressive sizing in both height and width as yardages increase as shown in the table below.

               Yardage                  Width                   Height
                  20y                      4"                     16"
                  30y                      4"                     20"
                  40y                      5"                     24"
                  50y                      5"                     28"
                  60y                      6"                     32"
                  70y                      7"                     36"
                  80y                      7"                     40"
                  90y                      8"                     44"
                 100y                      8"                     48"


2. Short Game Practice Green Area The markers are points of origin creating a more efficient way to utilize your practice green space.  Same height and width throughout set, 24" x 5".


All markers are $100/each regardless or type, size or wood selection. There has been overwhelming positive feedback on both types of markers!  They are the short game solution you didnt know you need.. but won't be able to practice without them after you use them!

*Handmade in The Hudson Valley, New York